Anouck Nadine van Maasdam

Anouck van Maasdam (1999) is a Dutch artist based in the pitoresk countryside village of Heiloo, 35 kilometers North-West of Amsterdam. She likes to combine traditional and modern craftmanship with today's digital media and online communities to create new visions. She excels in her ability to rapidly generate solutions for everyday's problems and challenges.

Having said that, Anouck truly flourishes in concepts that are refreshing and new, where the credo is Revolution instead of Evolution.

Anouck is currently developing and maturing her creative talents by following the Bachelor Allround Styling program at Academie Artemis in Amsterdam.


Academie Artemis
Bachelor allround styling

The Allround Styling Bachelor program is a 4 year program that delivers specialised experience and skillsets in the areas of researching social and cultural developments, creating trendanalyses, delivering trend forecasts and developing concepts and visualisations. It's a muliti diciplinary education including competences in problemsolving, fast transitions and is geared to allow you to respond to the ever evolving needs of a changing society.

For Anouck, the education at Academie Artemis is helping her to create a strong visual style. The program further allows her to develop her own visions towards future developments and translate and implement those visions into commercially applicable concepts, campaigns and products.