Concept - Subway


The SubWay Concept is an ongoing assignment from Academie Artemis. The concept provides an alternate view to the Subway franchising philosophy and is meant to fill the gap between the desired image Subway wants to exhibit versus the actual image on how they are viewed by their customers in the Netherlands. Subway claims to be fresh and caring for the environment but the stores do not relay that image to the audience. This results in distrust from the customers.

A workable solution for Subway to regain trust is given in detail in the processbook, the posterbook and the lookbook on this page. Feel free to browse through them. The recommendations and campaign revolve around honesty and coming clean on the actual goals and vision of the company. A slogan was developed to allow Subway to come clean and re-establish trust. The slogan is short and powerfull, yet sais it all:

We know!

(note: this project is still ongoing and not finished!)

Concept - Molds


The Molds Concept was developed as a result from an Artemis assignment in 2018. The concept provides an solution for coffee ground waste. Molds is a new furniture concept where coffee ground is the most important material. The furniture is made in a mold form, this allows you to pour the coffee into the mold. Because coffee is a very rich raw material, plants can grow in the molds. Once the plants have finished flowering, you can remove the raw material through a drawer underneath the mold. This way you can restart the process again until there is no use in the coffee ground left.